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What is Reiki and How Does it Work?
Every living being radiates warmth and energy- this energy is the life force itself and has as many names as there are human civilizations.
In Japan it is called Ki and is the root word for Reiki.
It is called Chi in China,
Barraka in Islamic countries,
Ruach in Hebrew,
Manna in Polynesian,
Life force by westerners,
in India it is called Prana (also a Yoga term).

The word Reiki(pronounced Ray Key) derives from two Japanese words that mean literally: universal life force energy. The source of all universal life force energy is the source of all life and is older than all creation. Just as there are many names for Ki, there are just as many names for this source: Creator, God, the Universe, the First Source, Goddess, the Higher Self, Great Mystery, Higher Power, etc.

What is Reiki Attunement?
A Reiki attunement is a ritual performed by the Reiki Master so that the he/she will be able to recieve and utilise more of the Universal life force energy.

The ritual involves energitic placement of Reiki symbols through a specific set of sequenced actions into the students Chakras.The attunements have in themselves a very powerful balancing and healing effect.The power symbol resonates strongest with the physical body level, the mental healing symbol with the emotional body and the distant healing symbol with the mental body.The Master healing symbol works on the spiritual body level.

Reiki - universal life force energy is both the Yin & Yang energy. Yin from the Legs to Heart centre and Yang from Crown to Heart centre joins to flow through the hands of Reiki Channel, as hands are the extensions of heart. There are different techniques to send Reiki Energy, some of those are, by touch, beaming, blowing to the position, through your eyes etc..but in everything the pure thought that supports the healing to happen is also made.

One of the first things people notice about this healing energy is an intensified heat radiating from the person’s hands. Those who have experienced a Reiki healing often comment that “her hands were so hot!” This is the life force energy flowing through them, and it is powerful!

From my Teaching experience I have aslo found that even people experience cold energy, even when we did group healing to that person our hands also became cold. That is how I came to know that Reiki healing happens according the person's need and the command is from the Divine Infinite Intelligence.

Benefits of Reiki.
Reiki techniques are used to heal the body, mind and the spirit. It has been proved that Reiki can help people suffering from various major and minor ailments. It is often used as a complementary conventional therapy in a number of hospitals today. Reiki has not only helped patients with physical ailments but also helped those with minor psychological problems as well. Reiki has even helped people to improve their overall personality. Some of the benefits of Reiki are as follows:
Reiki boots and improves the immune system.
  • It increases energy levels.
  • Improves the confidence level and the esteem of the client.
  • It reduces and relieves stress as well.
  • It improves chronic and acute medical problems.
  • Promotes creativity.
Reiki can be used as a complementary therapy with conventional therapies. Reiki can be used simultaneously with other conventional therapies without adverse effects. Reiki can be used in the following conditions:
  • While using medication.
  • While undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.
  • While you have a cast of plaster of Paris.
  • If your physician agrees to Reiki treatment while you are hospitalized.
  • Along with other forms of healing that are complementary.
  • For Women,while you are pregnant.
Distant Reiki is a favorite treatment form as it can be applied in an instant. The healing energy can be send to you wherever you are in the world at any time or by you if you are Reiki channel to heal anyone irrespective of time and clime.

Who can learn Reiki?
Anyone. Reiki is practiced by people of all spiritual backgrounds and beliefs. Reiki is not limited to any particular religion or philosophy. Atheists are as free to practice Reiki healing as any other group of people. Reiki can be passed on to people in comas, children, or even to animals. As long as you are properly attuned to Reiki, anyone can have the Reiki activated in their hands, as it is already a part of us all.

Why do I recommend everyone use Reiki healing in their lives?
Reiki is a powerful form of healing. It is effective, convenient and fulfilling. Not only does Reiki heal the body, but it calms the mind and nurtures the spirit. Not everyone will be called to be a Reiki healer; however, I believe that everyone should at least allow themselves the experience of Reiki's healing and loving energy at least one time in their life. I believe when you experience Reiki, you are experiencing the touch of everything on the planet simultaneously, and the experience is rich and lasting.

Reiki is about, personal evolvement, personal healing and balance. Initially you may see it as a way to create balance and calm in your life. In time, as you get to discover more, you will become aware of just how far reaching the potential is good for both yourself and all of Humanity.

For myself, Reiki has brought great insights and a profound inner sense of meaning.

Training Variations?
Many of the enquires asked me - Why do some Reiki Masters offer attunements for free or nominal fees, while others price it high? Many classes offered over a 2 day period combine Reiki I and II training in one weekend, Why the differences?

More recently, some are offering Reiki training in half the time as most other Reiki classes, using "spiritual" language to justify these shortcuts. Training for Reiki Level- I varies from a few minutes to several weeks. It depends on the Master. The shortest Reiki I initiations are generally received at festivals, mass initiations and gatherings. They usually consist of the Reiki I attunement only; i.e., you receive little to no training along with the attunements. Longer classes include training about Reiki and how to use it, as well as practice. I believe it is generally best to wait between attunements -- approximately 3 weeks between Reiki I and II, and about 6 months between Reiki II and III. However, each person is an individual, with different life experiences and knowledge of energy work, so I try not to make absolute rules for that reason.

My Reiki Level-1 class is for 2days, 6 hours each day (12 hours long) and priced mid-range, because two reasons, one- to keep Reiki accessible to as many people as possible (we need more, not less healing in this world); and other is to offer enough training in the use of Reiki so that the attunement is useful to the person. My goal in Reiki training is to give students enough information and practice that they may then practice on their own, until they are ready for the next level. Longer classes require greater commitment than I feel is generally necessary to get most students started on their healing path.

Know what is right for you. If you want to use Reiki to heal yourself and others, consider getting some training along with your attunement. I have had several students attend my classes after receiving cheap attunements with little or no training. Ask your Reiki Master what s/he includes with the attunements.

Each Master teaches differently -- you must choose the right Master (and amount of training) for you.

Reiki Treatments/Therapy and courses are run by: Reena G, MSc Psy, Reiki Grand Master. Call for the latest dates to fix appoinments.
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