Reiki Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy And How It Works?

Do you wonder why you feel affinity to a certain place or a person? Why are you very good at some skills and a complete failure at others? Do you feel attracted to a particular culture or region? Are you repeating a pattern in relationships? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, regression to your past lives or past-life regression will provide you the answers.
The process of regression therapy is based on the premises that everything the individual has ever experienced is recorded and retained in the mind systems.

Regression therapy is the mental act of going back to an earlier time, whenever that time may be; in order to retrieve memories that may still be negatively influencing a person’s present life.

The mind appears to have multi-levels of consciousness, which we make up into three main systems and identify as the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious.

Your conscious mind is what you do.”

“Your sub-conscious mind is what you are.” Your super-conscious mind is the Soul, Spirit, or God element.” These three mind systems function independently of each other simultaneously. Our best attitude or expression is when these three levels of consciousness are thinking and acting alike.

Everything we experience contains a certain amount of emotions, positive or negative. The greater the emotion the more it affects the physical systems. Love and fear are the two basic emotions.

Love always affects the physical systems in a positive way. Fear is basic to the negative emotions of anger, guilt, resentment, hate and other negative expressions that offend the physical systems.

Most emotions are re-experienced and/or reinforced by the average age of five. It appears that once a negative emotion is expressed enough to imprint the sub-conscious it becomes the basic cause of the physical deficiency that occurs later in life.

Every negative emotion, if not resolved within a reasonable period of time, will damage the physical systems that relate to the connecting emotion.

  • Anger seems to cause headaches and migraines.
  • Fear and insecurity cause chest and heart problems.
  • Feet and leg problems relate to restrictions and lack of support.
  • Knee and hip problems will also relate to a lack of support.
  • Resentment offends the lower back, hips and other body systems expressing the condition we identify as arthritis.
  • The upper back and neck problems indicate that the individual resents too much work or responsibility.
  • Guilt and shame associate with psoriasis and other skin problems and when connected with fear and betrayal will offend the reproduction system.
  • Aids and Herpes connect to the emotion of sexual betrayal.

Every physical disorder is connected to a negative emotion or combination of emotions. The stress factor or intensity of the emotion determines the amount of damage to the physical systems.

Emotional cancers are rage. Diabetes is rejection. Multiple Sclerosis is from an intense emotional stress causing damage to the nerve systems. Other physical disorders all have connections to negative emotional experiences.

As long as these negative emotions are present the physical systems are being restricted from their normal function. In the absence of these negative emotions the physical systems can be improved or corrected.

Hypnotism and age regression is a tool (key) by which the door to your mind may be opened. It remains for the person with a desire for knowledge and the inquiring mind to enter the realm of many wonderful experiences of health and happiness. The mind not only contains the knowledge of life and the purpose for its existence and conduct. It also contains the answers for its own improvement of emotional, physical and spiritual conditions.

“There is probably no way in which you can learn about the human mind so quickly, so thoroughly and so interestingly as through the study and practice of hypnotism”.

For those who would want to know more on past-life Regression, I love to recommend books by Dr. Brian Weiss such as ‘Many Lives Many Masters’, ‘Through Time Into Healing’, ‘Only Love Is Real’ and ‘Same Soul Many Bodies’. These books have profoundly affected many lives, including mine.

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