What is Reiki Karmic Healing?

Many of us have fears, phobias, pain, negative thoughts, attitudes that we know could not have originated in our childhood. Often, the cause can be found in a much larger story from past life that is simmering just below the surface. This cause may be a desire, a thought, a feeling, an emotional trauma from past lives or a past life vow, a past life promise, a past life strong decision, a past life evasion or a past life traumatic experience.

It is essential; that each layer of trauma – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – be completely healed, so that one experiences the freedom to create more love, happiness and fulfillment in our day-to-day lives, the freedom to experience better health and a resolution to old issues.

Not only the above ,We start to feel more confident, more relaxed and more at peace with ourselves, ability to create more wealth, money and financial security as we allow ourselves to have – and keep – more of what we desire, and a greater sense of ‘control’ over our life, our body and our destiny, as we finally begin to remember that we create our own reality in every possible way.

Same way If we do inner-child work by connecting to the little boy or girl within us, we can reconnect with some of the reasons for our adult fears, phobias. and life patterns. Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Reconciliation, where the wise Buddhist said that inside each of us is a young, suffering child and that to protect ourselves from future suffering, we all try to forget the pain. Most often, when we feel pain from a deep place within, it’s our inner wounded child who’s calling. Forgetting the pain results in more pain. Only by loving and healing our inner child can we begin to love ourselves and then, consequently, others. It’s also a way to empower ourselves and focus on mindfulness and the present… and not the past.

Reiki Karmic Healing is a highly advanced therapy to transform a lifelong pattern held in your body and subconscious mind and liberate your authentic nature, create vibrant health, and give you a deeper connection with your soul – and shifting into a higher frequency of consciousness.

Your energy field is more commonly known as your aura, and it is an intelligent consciousness and is the sum of all your life experience in energy ‘form’.

Our Energy Field is a complex matrix of life patterns and memories driven by our beliefs, views, attitudes and desires. It is here the Healer uses techniques to cleanse re-balance and restore the field to its natural flowing state.

We all absorb energies on a daily basis where ever we go and whomever we meet we exchange energy transactions with these people. All of these energy transactions get stored within us. We also carry and hold on to memory patterns of past life experiences or childhood traumas and painful memories such as illness, trauma and distress. Over a period of time these energies build up and can lead to physical illness, this in turn can bring about physical and emotional imbalance. By clearing, cleansing and rebalancing the energy we can release any blockages, this allows new energies to come in to strengthen your whole being.

Release from old patterns –

Reiki Karmic healing is a technique used to facilitate the healing of any issue including physical health problems, career and money problems, emotional difficulties, relationships, addiction, mental problems, and spiritual problems. Negative psychic energy (negative thoughts and feelings) block the flow of life force and is the cause of disease/dis-ease. This non-physical energy forms into clumps with a particular shape and lodges itself in or around the physical organs /chakras or areas of physical body. Reiki Karmic healing is a non-invasive energy healing technique used to remove energy blocks.

The basis is to clear time frames in life addressing a particular issue which is recurring or some physical, emotional issue which needs to be dealt with, but with a metaphysical approach.

Reiki Karmic Healing is based on the laws of Karma. It helps one understand the root cause of the recurring patterns in life which can be in relationships, finances or some frequent fears or phobias or it can be even some health issue which one would like to resolve.

Even though, the theory and working is based on the laws of karma, still sometimes it is the trauma which the person has experienced in current life time or another lifetime, in another body but the memory of that trauma is somewhere around the morphogenic field of the DNA.

Reiki Karmic Healing releases the old cellular memories responsible for the problem, but also balances the karma with others which we have left unfinished. Psychosynthesis techniques of unconditional love and forgiveness have to be an important healing and transformational tool, especially since the technique uses a transpersonal basis.

Reiki Karmic Healing offers permanent solutions to the issues or problems as it does not deal with the external circumstances or reasons, rather it goes to roots of the problem.

Energy Field Healing

During your Energy Field Healing treatment there is no physical touch, or very little and the client remains fully clothed only asked to remove their shoes. It is the fine subtle vibrations of energy that surround the body we will be working in. You may well know this better as your aura but this natural field of energy actually radiates out from your core centre.

Balance, cleanse, strengthen and re-align your energy system – energy field (Auras and Chakras)

By cleansing, balancing and re-energising the energy field (Auras and Chakras) of  the body, the body can then activate its own self-healing process. Priority will be given to stabilising your ground energy connection, this will ensure you have good strong grounding allowing the energy to flow freely and in alignment with your core energy centre and this allows your own inner ability to self heal to activate.

During your session, blocked stagnant and imbalanced energies will be cleared from your energy field and the structure of the energy field will be re-aligned and re-energised and this will allow universal energy to bring healing to the mind, body and soul, allowing you to take control of your life and to bring in harmony and balance.

There will be focus given to priority areas in the energy this could be the transformation of patterns and non-serving energy forms or structural realignment and re-balancing.

You will feel some of the effects immediately following your healing session these include feeling lighter and more at peace. The healing process will continue for a further 21 days. Clients can feel warmth, tingling, pressure on parts of their body or a cool sensation during treatment.

Once the energy blocks are removed the memory gets released from the DNA field, the vacuum where the energy removal has happened is replaced with appropriate healing energies right  from the Universe that are integrated back into the current lifetime thereby giving a feeling of wholeness and completeness.

Benefits of Reiki Karmic Healing

Helps release suppressed emotions, release limiting patterns, to release issues including physical health problems, career and money problems, emotional difficulties, relationships problems, addiction, mental problems, and spiritual problems.

Reiki KARMIC HEALNG is based on the following science:

  • Everything is energy in the Universe. You are energy and you will change your life. Energy has form, vibration, pattern, sound and light. Thoughts are vibration and emotions are vibration.
  • Universal law of past life: You can never experience a situation in life without you giving it once into the universe. Universal Law of attraction: Whatever you give, you receive.
  • Universal law of Soul evolution: Everyone on Earth shares the goal of Soul evolution whether they realize it or not. We have reincarnated because we desire to evolve spiritually. Our Soul Journey is from Fear caused by ignorance to Love caused by understanding.
  • Body is invisible mind and mind is invisible body. Any disorder in the mind is manifested as disease in the body. A sound mind begets a healthy body. The physical body is connected to and controlled by our Subconscious mind. Once thoughts become beliefs they filter our whole experience. Slowly our experience adds to our belief system. Everything in your life and the world around you is the reflection of the world within you.
  • The primary principle of quantum physics is that consciousness is creating the world we are experiencing.
  • Every experience is stored in our cellular memories. Cellular memories are stored in different locations of our body. Emotional memories that are stored in cells of the organs can eventually cause degenerative disease pattern. Even though each and every organs in our body regenerates every few week, the memory of the emotion keep being transferred to the new cell before a disease cell .

So there can be no true healing without getting rid of negative cellular memories. Suppressing these memories or adjusting with them is not healing, it’s only a way to distract our conscious mind from these situations. This eventually creates state of internal unconscious stresses. This might work for a shorter period but in long term it can turn out to be disastrous. So what requires is the treatment of stressful or negative cellular memories.

Every cell in our bodies has a complete memory of all our previous lives- cell memory. Cell memory is based on the idea that what happens in our lives; each cell “records ” it. Each cell reacts directly to the information it receives from the subconscious mind. Our spirit minds remember every movement of our previous lives. The instant our spirit minds enter our physical bodies, they influence the cells of our bodies with all the information and memories they possess. Our cells react literally to these memories, from this and all previous lives

When we access these “Cell memories” and heal the memories, we are liberated from whatever was troubling us: Illness, phobias, pains, and traumas. In Hypnosis Past life phobias are cured easily. A past life “memory” is revealed, where the phobia is explained and is released forever.

Emotional memories that are stored in cells of the organs can eventually cause degenerative disease patterns. Even though each and every organ in our body regenerates every few weeks, the memory of the emotion keep being transferred to the new cell before a disease cell .

Forgiveness begins the healing process: Holding on to negative emotions enhances cellular memory of the pain you are feeling, which in turn upsets the chemical balance of the body, causing physical and emotional stress to the sufferer.

Reiki Karmic Healing technique can be done even as distance healing.

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