Dr. Reena Gangadharan, Msc Psy, PhD.

Life Coach

Reiki Grand Master
Karuna Reiki Master (Reg: With ICRT)
Past Life Regression Therapist
Doctorate in Reiki Regression Therapy
Master Violet Flame Healing
Master Angel Healing
Master NLP Practitioner
Sound Healer & Trainer

Dear Beautiful Souls,

It’s indeed a wonderful experience connecting with people in this spiritual journey of healing, which I’ve chosen as the purpose of my life. Humankind has gone through a turbulent evolutionary process in the past and now has reached a crest, changing perspective of life by knowing the self. But only a few get into the consciousness of spirituality.

Many of the beliefs and habits in life are embedded as patterns which creates negative and positive vibrations. These get entangled in our regular wellbeing and functioning of daily life. Reiki is a spiritual science which helps to break the pattern, balancing the mind and body and helping us to elevatein life.

After experiencing a couple of life changing experiences, I got awakened to align my life with the flow of the universe and encouraged others to do the same. My Journey in the field of healing started in the year 2002. My experience with Reiki in the last 18 years has seen a major shift in many people’s lives. I have conducted more than 2000 workshops, teaching numerous students from India, Sri Lanka, United States, Canada and Europe. While mastering this ancient spiritual science, I have also learnt various other energy therapies. This I’ve imbibed effectively with Reiki, which has shown a wonderful therapeutic healing for the body and soul of a person.

A multiple, alternate energy healing methods like Varma therapy, Sujok, Acupuncture, Crystal therapy, Violet flame therapy, Angel healing and Sound healing are applied in combination during my healing sessions. Few healing therapy like angel and violet healing, crystal healing and Sound healing and these are also taught during the workshop. Through all these years during my Reiki healing sessions, I have come across people suffering because of some early life experiences. These get deeply embedded creating patterns in life which leads to various personal issues. This has been my subject of research in my PhD and I have discovered techniques to remove these patterns through regression therapy through powerful Reiki techniques known as Reiki Regression Therapy.

My Reiki classes follow the classic oriental theory which supports with scientific examples. During this long tenure of my training career, I’ve mentored Reiki Masters and Practitioners, who around the globe are pursuing successful careers.

Some Points of My Belief-Map are the following:

  1. Everything in the Universe moves and vibrates, nothing rests. Everything around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you.
  2. Reiki literally means energy from the universe, or the spiritual realm, that is available to all. It is energy from the universe for universal use.
  3. Everything is energy in the Universe. Everything we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell is made of different wavelengths vibrating at different frequencies.
  4. Everything in the Universe has a unique energy structure and frequency.
  5. Every disorder in the mind is manifested as disease in the body.Every disease/problem has a cure when the lesson is learnt.
  6. Our brain is like a translator that has the ability to interpret these frequencies into what we perceive to be our physical reality. Your neural-pathways in your brains are memory house of your thoughts, belief system and your experiences.
  7. Every experience you had till date is the outcome your belief system. Change your thoughts/beliefs to bring Change in your life.
  8. Every time you think a thought, you send out that thought’s specific vibration. Every thought that we think is creating our future.
  9. Your belief-system of any given thing, in any given point of time, influence the brain chemistry, which in turn creates your destiny and your cells resides and control the fate. we create our reality.
  10. You can control your gene expression … You can alter them on a regular basis, depending on the foods you eat, the air you breathe, and the thoughts you think.
  11. High-vibration thoughts, words, feelings, and deeds not only improve the functioning of all your body’s’ systems, including your metabolism, your mood-regulating system and your immune system but also helps you create your customised Future.
  12. Unconditional love is of the highest vibrational frequency. When healing is offered from a space of love and acceptance, the highest vibrational energy is received.

I like to work intuitively, as each one of us has a unique combination of different experiences, comfort zones, longings, needs and challenges. We view life in our own unique way, as we go through varied experiences in the journey of our life. Reiki reflects a knowing that we are connected to a higher source and that we are all part of a much larger experience.

I am a certified Independent Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. Registered with Reiki Council of India.

My Courses are more focused on evolving minds and positivity in life. Also teaching Reiki healing Techniques that have worked out for years for me.

I hope this website create a spark in you to further the interest in Reiki and inspires you to inquire about this remarkable Reiki(Universal Energy) therapy.

It is a wonderful privilege for me to be able to share this Universal Energy with all who are drawn to the experience. You can connect with me on my Facebook page and blogs and get more enlightened on the subject. Please look out for the dates of my classes and get registered.

Blessings of Light and Love,

Dr. Reena Gangadharan, Msc Psy, PhD Reiki.
Life Coach