What is a Reiki Attunement?

Reiki is one of the most wonderful things which could happen in one’s life. It’s an ancient Japanese energy healing system discovered by Mikao Usui in the late 18th century. The person, who wants to pursue the practice method of Reiki learns under an able master and gets initiated in to the process.

The pedagogy is almost common throughout the world as per the script documented by Usui but the initiation into Reiki is sacramental. Reiki is an expression in Japanese; (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. The Reiki attunement is a ritual performed by the Master to the student and he/she will become a conduit to receive and channel, and utilize more of the Universal life force energy.

During the attunement process, the Master integrates appropriate Reiki symbols through energy forms in sequential actions into the student’s Chakras (they are various focal points of the subtle body in a human being). The attunement has a very powerful balancing and healing properties establishing therapeutic effect. Attunement Symbols In the attunement process various symbols behaves uniquely, responding at different levels of one’s aura. The power symbols resonate strongly with one’s physical body level. The mental healing symbol with the emotional body and the distant healing symbol with the mental body level of the person. There are advanced healing symbols (Master symbols) which works on the spiritual body level of a person, enhancing their energy levels to clear and attain higher level of transformation.

In each level of attunement (Reiki level 1, 2 or 3) ones is enable to tap into a higher channel of the Universal Energy, where the rate of vibration the energy body is incrementally enhanced. The person evolves into deeper levels of consciousness from their existing normal levels and extraordinary form of awareness is noticed.

What does one experience after a Reiki attunement?

After an attunement process, the students are often excited to share their vivid experiences. Many have described their spiritual or mystical experiences like seeing beautiful colors, visions of places, ancestors and glances into their past life. Many others report receiving personal messages or receiving a profound healing. Some felt blessed, sensing the presence of spiritual guides or angelic beings or simply having an ecstatic experience or complete peace.

The attunement has seen people having an enormous shift in their internal awareness. They have described a feeling of being reborn and experiencing their surrounding with their senses very intensely like the colors becoming brighter, smell getting stronger and sounds getting sharper. Strangely a few have also have felt a buzzing or heightened sensitivity in the crown or apex region of the head for a short while and also a sense of floating or light-headedness. All of these experience are absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. But some experiencing very little than the others maybe disappointing and it doesn’t mean the attunement hasn’t worked at all. The Reiki attunement always works and its 100% successful all the time.

Why The 21 Days Gap Period Is A Must Between Each Attunement?

The time period between each attunement is a minimum of twenty one days. This gives time and space for the new level of heightened awareness, evolving into deeper levels of consciousness which unfolds new energy levels. Usually the higher knowledge is transferred by a Reiki Master in energy form into the core cells of the brain and then to every cell in the body. Apparently this new energy form of heightened awareness, takes a minimum of 21 days to get assimilated or synchronized with one’s energy system.

After the attunement Reiki healing is a personal and spiritual discipline which requires consistent practice in the form of self-healing, meditating and reflecting on the Reiki principles. One has to first practice healing on self for a minimum of three weeks. A Reiki course will never be a failure provided an experienced and competent master initiates the attunement.

Nouveau method

I have journeyed the path of spirituality and practiced energy healing for close to two decades. My experience with Reiki has been more with compassion in healing and teaching. When people seek my help in distress times, I have confronted various challenges and experiences and learning has given more insight in to this science. Adapting the best practices in Reiki, I have integrated my learning and intuitive downloads which has worked for contemporary healing. These were part of the research topic for my doctoral studies. The teachings and attunement given at reikicourses4u.com are very unique and profound.