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Science of Reiki Healing

How Reiki Raises Your Energetic Vibration? Why It Matters?

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Reiki Meditation

Dr. Usui taught his students that receiving the Reiki empowerments was not all that they needed to do.

How is Distance healing Possible?

In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space.

Reiki Chakra Healing

In the simplest meaning, chakras are the subtle but powerful energy centers inside the human body.

Meet the Gurus

Dr Reena Manikandan, Ph.D

A nationally and internationally trained holistic energy healer and trainer, certified and experienced Reiki Grand Master, who has been practicing Reiki since it came into her life in 2002. She is also a Karuna® Reiki Master, Master NLP Practitioner, Past life Regression Therapist, Violet flame Healing Master, Angel healing Master, Sound healing Trainer, Vastu, and Geopathic stress consultant.

M Manikandan

Usui Reiki Grand Master and practices Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Distance Healing, Angel healing, Violet flame healing, Sidha Mudra healing and Mindful Meditation (Vipassana). He is an organiser of courses and is a co-trainer at reikicourses4u. He also loves and practices Bach flower remedies. Though he is a graduate in Mechanical engineering, his inner call is Spiritual science.

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Divine Souls Testimonials

It's been a beautiful journey with Dr.Reena . She has been patient and continuous in her teachings and is always there for me... I am sure others who are her disciples would easily agree with me . She has helped me move on with my life, in the presence of Reiki . I completed three levels in her guidance and I am greatful for every moment of it . I would highly recommend many to follow suit, so as to connect to oneself and understand the profound call of the universe through her classes.


I'm so blessed to have Reiki in my life, i am serious spiritual aspirant and to have a very kind of spiritual experiences you have to work hard, but Reiki is such that can be passed onto another person in couple of minutes and you can have a very own tangible spiritual experience. This was the stepping stone of my spiritual life which made me believe that all these things are for real, it's not a joke, Reena mam, Manikandan sir both are very experience to teach very kind and professionally, thank you for beautiful thing introduce and give, it's very help heal our-self and others.

Vishnu AChennai

It was the universe who has guided me towards Reena Amma. When I met her, my condition was confused, struck, looking for guidance. Then through my Collegue I have attended Level 1 class. I don't say I have changed immediately or it is a miracle. The change induced by Rekhi in my life is slow but permenant. Mainly I started healing chakras and balancing them. My life became balanced. I started forgiving and say affirmations when ever I face tough people and situations.
I strongly recommend attending Reena Amma who is such a humble person who is here to make difference and make this a better place.

Bharath TChennai

I took reiki level 1 course for 2 days with Dr Reena, The course was with high details. Each and every concepts were explained clearly and Dr Reena has great knowledge and experience to share it with us.. And Mr Manikandan was very patient and great Human to explain all the practical session in details and repeat numerous times to us. They were very kind and approachable. Main thing is my understand towards life and universe has changed a lot.. It gave me a different dimension of thinking.

Nagendran RChennai

Reiki from Reena mam. I realized lot of miracles in my life after each and every levels especially angelic healing. The experiences after taking classes cannot be explained in words. I and my husband consider Reena mam as our true mentor. She is a divine soul, I have ever come across my life. If your Karma permits you will surely take her classes and get all benefits.

Seema SurendranChennai

I learned reiki in 2006, I was healing many ppl whom I have never met, and seeing the magical power of reiki many around me joined reiki class...

But I don't practice self-healing since it was a time-consuming process! I always had a wish to practice but was not able to do it ... I will do reiki if I need something than doing touch healing every day...

but now after starting to practice daily full-body healing, I can see that there is no requirement for doing reiki for a wish because things are happening automatically.. family is more important for us to grow and be happy, I used to do reiki if I there is a mismatch with my husband thought process but now I don see such mismatch...

Every day I am getting the answer for all my silly questions like should I buy this or should I learn this and great confidence as well on myself.

For past 5 years of my marriage life, I was always asking my husband to wake up early and have breakfast on time, which he will not even consider but now he himself told me that he 'll wake up early henceforth to have good health and habits which will inspire our daughter also to follow .. I was shocked to see such statement from him, he s very good person and very helpful with so much love but the only trouble was the priority and waking up and now even that changing... I am so happy...

I will usually use chart to use symbols I won’t remember or draw but after doing touch healing I can easily see symbols without using chart...

1. I did reiki to clear my arrears and get graduation.
2. I did reiki to get a job.
3. I did reiki to get into the networking domain and have a career for myself.
4. I did reiki to give birth since I had a health issue that complicated my pregnancy.
5. I did reiki to build my beautiful home
6. I did reiki to get a job nearby home.
7. I did reiki even to get a good servant who s very important to go to the job peacefully.
8. I had only debts and all my jewels were pledged but now I cleared my debts and I have started to save money and I have a home and a happy family.

Thank you Manikandan bro for being patient when I was disturbing to get clarity and thank u Reena akka for blessing me always and guiding me to reach this state .. I will practice reiki henceforth not only for my needs, like food clothes shelter I will make it as my basic need!
Thank u all for motivating me and lots of reiki to you all...

Shalini NaveenChennai

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