Reiki Course Level 1

This course is a two days workshop. You learn how to heal yourself and others. You learn to pass Reiki healing (give treatments) to family and friends at the sametime while you do your self-healing. Following the attunement you can begin to utilise more of the Universal life force energy. A student will know how to use the Reiki energy for Self healing and healing others. Usually the three Symbols are given in the second level of Reiki. 

The session consists of the following training.

Day 1:

  • About Reiki (Rei-Universe,Ki-Energy), its role in our life and Reiki History.
  • The power of mind in our life with experiential learning.
  • 7 major Chakras in our auric body and its functions, both physical and psychological.
  • Reiki Attunement(Dheeksha) for enabling you to channel Reiki energy.
  • Chakras and its functions.
  • Chakra Meditation.
  • Full body healing: 26 Reiki-hand Positions in our body to improve our health and happiness.
  • 5 percepts of Reiki and it’s importance in our life..

Day 2:

  • Introduction to the first original Reiki symbol.
  • Spine alignment and it’s importance.
  • Scanning, Cleansing and energizing the energy body.
  • Self-healing, Healing others & Group healing.
  • Cleansing and positively energizing your living space.
  • Spine Therapy with Reiki.
  • Reiki 7 Chakra meditation and Loving Kindness Meditation to enhance your energy.

The Manual provided covers the course content and so is always there for you as a reference. At the end of the course your Level 1 certificate is issued.Over a 21 day period of practice of reiki healing following your attunement you will begin to be aware of changes occuring on all levels: Mind, Body, Emotions, Thoughts, Feelings and evolves one Spiritually.

There are no requirements to join the course other than a desire to be connected to this natural healing energy.

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