Ganesan Nagarani

Blessed people will sure get directed here... Soulful contribution for the world from Reena mam and Manikandan sir. Thanks a lot for all the positive changes and realisations which helps me live my life happily and in the present moment.

Rohith Narayanan

Many thanks to Manikandan sir n Reena ma'am for the in depth teaching, giving us a wonderful experience learning about the higher energy concepts through Level 1 n 2 reiki course. I highly recommend learning reiki from this institution. Though I live miles apart, it was still very impactful as I would experience in a face to face session. Felt very much satisfied and blessed to gain knowledge in reiki from the gurus. They give scientific evidence along with spiritual and traditional facts that makes it really engaging and interesting. Just doesn't stop with the course but they do follow ups to motivate n encourage us to practise what we learnt and I really appreciate it. I highly recommend this institution for learning reiki ...100% satisfaction guaranteed!!!

Anu Kannan

Dear Mam & Sir. First I thank you for the opportunity. When I saw the msg that 21 days is going to finish. Really I was very shocked. After finishing 2nd level till today I’m very happy. I’m short tempted person. I changed 75% . I started loving every one around me that was a great blessing and experience .Past 3 months I’m continuously using blessing with symbols I can very well feel the energy passing through me. I thank universe for guiding me to choose u as my Reiki teacher. Only because of Reiki confidence, trust, loving came to me. My mom and my sister told me I changed lot. I’m very happy to hear that. Once again I thank u both. Definitely I’ll continue this.

Keerthiga G

Dear Teachers and Friends, I am writing this review after completing the Level 2 follow-up session of Reiki. It was an amazing experience from Level 1 and Level 2 classes of Reiki at your centre. I am feeling grateful and privileged. The follow-up session of level 2 was great. Thank you teachers, for teaching me to manifest my dreams and inherently boost my confidence to lead a good life. I strongly believe that one day, things around me will change, positively by the blessings of Universe. After learning Reiki, my reactions and attitude towards problems and situation have changed. I begin to think and react in a different way. Moreover, your notes/books were comprehensive with detailed steps and the addition of other similar techniques was really useful. Your compassionate approach in clearing doubts and extra-points to brief on the situation was really good. Awaiting to learn more life skills from you, so as to love, share, and relish my life with lovable people. Thank you, Mr. Manikandan Sir and Dr. Reena Mam, and also to all my healing teammates. Loads of love to all ❤️ ❤️

Geetha Rajasekar

My greatest blessing in life has been getting REIKI attunement from Reena Madam. I have discovered inner peace and happiness with Madam's guidance. Life has been blissful ever since I started Reiki with Reena Madam. I must mention Mani Sir who is always ready to help. The follow up sessions and satsangs have given me answers to all my unasked questions. These are challenging times . But I breeze through life with immense energy from the divine universal force. Reena Madam is a divine Reiki Channel. I sincerely hope that lot many people are blessed to get this experience in life. Emotional well being , financial abundance,harmonious relationships all become possible with Reiki. Reena Madam is a fountainhead of knowledge ever willing to share the very best. I wish her loads of love.

Geetha Gopal

I feel blessed to getting into Reiki with our wonderful masters reena mam and mani sir. While doing my reiki practice I am feeling so relaxed and kind. Whatever techniques they taught was very clear and unforgettable. Through this reiki class I understand very well about relationship between we and the universe. I wish everyone have to learn about universal law and get all success in their life. Thank you our friendly , lovely masters reena mam and mani sir

Nivedita S

I know Reena maam for nearly 7 years and I have been learning something new whenever i speak to her. I got introduced to Reena maam for Reiki level 1 class where she introduced me to a different world. The lessons were more practical. And the joy of experiencing something different with my own hands for the very first time cant be expressed in words. She follows up with you even after the completion of a level. I always wish to grow further with her guidance.Thank you maam !

Janani Ravi

Reena mam' s Reiki classes was a life changer! I started with Level 1 Reiki and went on to complete Reiki Master course and feel very blessed to be able to channel Reiki through Reena mam's lineage. She is very motivating and knowledgeable. I thouroughly enjoyed the classes and always felt at peace and somehow at the same time driven to make positive changes in my life. She keeps in touch with students even after they complete the courses and is accessible for follow ups.  If you get the opportunity to take her classes do not miss it!

Kannan P

Just sharing my experience. First infinity thanks to Master Manikandan and Reena Madam Ji. I always want to be connected with divine always for ever. But our karmas and pattern pull us. I asked divine remedy for this. Reiki course 2 ignitied a spark which guided to clear the pattern and heal the energies and it was divine experience. May the divine light energize all the souls. Infinity thanks to Master Manikandan and Reena Madam Ji.

Akilandeswari Sivanesan

I have completed my 3 Level ( Master Healer) 3 months back. It was such a divine experience I had during the 3 days of my class. Both Mani Sir and Reena mam are the best Gurus, divine souls with love and dedication to uplift our Life. Learning Reiki itself is a blessing, as we can protect ourself as well as our dear and near one's. I feel so blessed to learn Reiki through Mani Sir and Reena mam, as here reiki not taught just as a subject, instead fed as a feeling and make us realize many secrets about life. I thank each and every reason that helps me to have this experience. Thank you all!

Senthil Kumar

Extraordinary teachers both Reena madam and Manikandan Sir . Only blessed people can have the chance to learn from the rightly blessed teachers. Wholeheartedly i wish and bless the teachers to have successful journey in Reiki to create awareness to society with high intellectual which will help to live their is very peaceful manner.

Padmaja Murugan

It has been a wonderful experience learning Reiki at this center. I feel calm, composed, energetic and also positive throughout the day. Reena master and Manikandan master both teach amazingly. They teach through many experimental sessions, giving us more confidence to learn. With their blessings, I wish to complete my 3rd level soon. Thank you masters