Science Behind Reiki Healing

(Slowly read the following as each paragraph has lot of information on energy healing science)

Each cell is dependent on light (biophotons) to function properly, and an imbalance in the electrical cellular activity (incoherent exchange) can cause havoc and consequently imbalances on the individual’s mental, emotional, and physical fields. Researchers have concluded that a “hands-on” healing practitioner is able to transfer some amount of subatomic electro-magnetic energy (photon transmission) to the person being treated, and this energy is absorbed by the receptor and restores cellular frequencies, bringing coherence in the exchange of light between the cells.

Energy medicine is a method to transmit healing energy to a patient’s body through the hands of a practitioner to restore or balance the body’s energy field for better health. Energy healing therapy has been used to treat various health conditions. There are several approaches to energy medicine, such as hands-on, hands-off, and distant healing, where the healer and patient are in different locations. Reiki Healing is an ancient energy healing method developed in Japan that claims to accumulate and direct this energy, which is called “ki.”

Reiki meaning Universal Energy. “Rei” is defined as the all-knowing divine universal, and “Ki” is the energy that animates all living things, and flows through everything that is alive, including plants, animals, and humans — the same as Qi. Reiki is a healing technique that was developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922, and has since evolved into many practicing traditions. Reiki is the energy of your Higher-self, the source of power within you, the divine love that heals all problems of your life. Reiki opens the doors to Mindfulness, Intuition, Compassion, forgiveness & gratefulness, helps create health joy, and harmony in one’s life.

In “QUANTUM PHYSICS”. The so-called “healing energy” actually exists and has been measured in laboratories. Serious laboratory studies around the globe have concluded that each and every living creature possesses a measurable electro-magnetic energy field around their bodies. It was also discovered that changes in the electric charges of the cells contributed to ALL processes happening in the physical body.

Our energy field is more commonly known as your aura, and it is an intelligent consciousness and is the sum of all our life experiences in energy ‘form’. Our Energy Field is a complex matrix of life patterns and memories driven by our beliefs, views, attitudes, and desires.

We all absorb energies daily where ever we go and with whomever, we meet we exchange energy transactions with these people. All of these energy transactions get stored within us. Negative psychic energy (negative thoughts and feelings) block the flow of life force and is the cause of disease/dis-ease. This non-physical energy forms into clumps with a particular shape and lodges itself in or around the physical organs /chakras or areas of the physical body. We also carry and hold on to memory patterns of past life experiences or childhood traumas and painful memories such as illness, trauma, and distress. Over a period of time these energies build up and can lead to physical illness, this, in turn, can bring about physical and emotional imbalance.

It is here that Healer uses techniques to cleanse re-balance and restore the field to its natural flowing state. During your Reiki healing session, blocked stagnant and imbalanced energies will be cleared from your energy field and the structure of the energy field will be re-aligned and re-energized and this will allow universal energy to bring healing to the mind, body, and soul, allowing you to take control of your life and to bring in harmony and balance.

The healer will focus on priority areas, this could be the transformation of patterns and non-serving energy forms or structural realignment and re-balancing, because Reiki healing is the channeling of Universal Energy, the person receiving Reiki during a session receives a kind of “Spring Cleaning” of the energy centers(Chakras) of the body and other parts of the body diagnosed by the healer using hand-scan technique. A Reiki practitioner removes the energetic debris or any imbalances from diagnosed chakras and priority areas. New healing energies are also given according to the need.

Traditional Reiki Healing helps to heal any issue including physical health problems, emotional difficulties, career and money problems, relationships problems, addiction, childhood traumas and spiritual problems, delay in marriage. As you know your outer world experiences are the reflections of inner world. Your life is a mirror reflecting your inner world.

Energy contains information. All cells store information-energetic memories. Every molecular interaction in the body is an information-energetic event—and can create cellular memory. According to Traditional Reiki healing lineage Grand Masters, every problem has a root cause and is stored as energy patterns in your energy body and the removal and balancing the energies will clear the cause of the problem, leading to positive results in health, relationship and abundance.

By receiving healing or self-healing, we will also start to feel more confident, more relaxed, and more at peace with ourselves, ability to create more wealth, money, and financial security as we allow ourselves to have – and keep – more of what we desire, and a greater sense of ‘control’ over our lives, our body, and our destiny, as we finally begin to remember that we create our own reality in every possible way.

The beauty about Reiki is that although the Reiki practitioner is the one facilitating the healing, the body of the person receiving the energy, takes as little or as much as is needed during a session, for optimal healing, according to the receiving capacity the meridians/energy-tubes (otherwise known as Naadi in Sanskrit). So one must practice/receive healing almost daily for better results.

That is why it is good to learn the Reiki healing system, as Reiki helps us release what no longer serves us and heals the chakras and energy fields that we cannot see (but can see to some extent if one is clairvoyant). By practicing Reiki healing, we are more able to greatly own our power, align with our higher purpose and raise our vibrations.