Reiki Meditation

Dr. Usui taught his students that receiving the Reiki empowerments was not all that they needed to do. One of the most important fundamentals of Reiki is to connect with one’s self spiritually, or to one’s soul. To progress further on the spiritual path it was necessary to incorporate three things into their lives.
These were:

To live the Reiki principles.
To practice meditation daily.
To receive Reiju regularly.

Meditation is an integral part of Reiki and was practiced by Dr Usui’s students each time they attended a Reiki class. These meditations deepen and strengthen your connection to the energy, promote sensitivity to Reiki, and the ability to channel ever-increasing amounts of Reiki.

Hatsurei Ho Technique
Dr. Usui taught his students Hatsurei Ho: Hatsu meaning to bring forth, Rei meaning spirit and Ho meaning method. The Hatsurei method plays an important part in the Reiki practice. It’s a meditation technique, but it stands out as different from other techniques through the gestures made and words spoken. It’s a meditation technique, It can be practiced either individually or in a group. When practiced in a group, it is called Shuyo ho. Hatsurei Ho consists of nine stages, each stage helps in clearing and opening the energy levels in the process.

1. Adopt the Seiza meditation position, which is kneeling with a straight back and palms resting on the thighs. Kneeling may not be the most comfortable position for everyone – sitting in a chair is also ok, or use any standard meditation posture – Meditation Postures. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Focus on the Tanden, just below the navel. When the mind is clear, move to the next step.

2. Mokunen means “focusing”, which requires the individual’s complete focused state and declaration. Bring your hands together in prayer position at the level of Third-eye in a low voice that “I will now begin Hatsurei Ho.”

3. Kenyoku means “Dry bathing”. In this process, the negative aura is brushed off either by an actual physical touch or just superficially. In this procedure, you basically attempt to “disconnect” yourself from every being, emotion, thoughts, and energy – preparing to enter the meditation state.

Start by relaxing your breathing by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Place your right hand on your left shoulder, your finger touching the joint between the end of your collar bone and shoulder. With palm faced towards the body; while exhaling, smooth your hand down diagonally across your chest to your right hip. Repeat this procedure with your left hand placed on your right shoulder; fingers touching the joint between the end of the collar bone and shoulder. Palm facing your body, exhale while brushing down diagonally across your chest to your left hip. Repeat twice in the same order.

Now stretch your left hand forward in front of you and place your right-hand fingertips on the edge of your left shoulder. With the palm flattened, move your right hand down along the side of your left arm while exhaling.

Repeat this process with your right arm, completing the cycle three times.

4. Connect to Reiki
I thank myself for being here
I thank Divine Reiki for being here
I thank Your Name for being here
I thank my Reiki Master, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Guides, and Healing Angels for being here.
I thank all my lineage Reiki Grand Masters, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Guides, and Healing Angels for being here.
Thank you All for your blessings and for assisting me for every moment.
Thank you for guiding me and guarding me while doing the Reiki Meditation and see through the process that is beneficial for my soul evolution and for the world’s well-being.
I am that I am

5. Gassho Meditation:
Usui Sensei practiced Gassho meditation as a part of his personal Reiki practice every day, twice a day. Gassho literally means, “two hands coming together”.Gassho is a gesture with the hands held in a prayer position, in front of the chest He taught his students how to practice Reiki Gassho meditation by placing their hands together in the prayer position (hands together in the upright position at heart chakra/chest level) with all focus and attention going to the Reiki energy coursing through the hands and fingers.

In doing so, this promotes a quieting of the mind, a centering of the heart, a deeper focus inward, and a stronger connection to the Reiki energy.

How to practice Gassho meditation:
1-Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and hands in the Gassho position
2-Breathe quietly and focus your attention on where your middle fingers are touching.
3-Relax, forget about your worries and just BE
4-Stay in this position as long as is comfortable

You can practice Gassho meditation every day (after waking up, before going to bed, when dealing with stressful situations…anytime!) as well as before and after Reiki practice.

6. Joshin Kokkyu Ho is a procedure of purifying the soul through a breathing process. Place your hands, palm up on your lap and in a relaxed manner, breath slowly through your nose while focusing on your “seika tanden” or core. With natural breathing, feel the white lighted Reiki energy flow from your mind into your center. Slowly feel the energy spread in your entire body, dissolving all negativity and unlimitedly expanding around you.:

1-Sit comfortably.
2-Use the Gassho position to start and then close your eyes
3-Breath naturally and comfortably
4-Lower your arms and put your hands to your thighs with your palms facing upward
5-Concentrate on your breathing, breathe through your nose and imagine the Reiki energy as the white light that enters your body from the top chakra (top of your head) and travels down to your belly and to the whole body.
6-visualize the Reiki energy flowing through every cell in your body. With each in-breath imagine that Reiki is entering your crown and filling your entire body – with each out-breath visualize that you are exhaling Reiki from
every pore in your body and off out into infinity.
7-As you continue to breathe, feel it flowing into the room and then the residence you are in, filling it with Reiki energy. Feel it intensify as the Reiki energy flows outside onto the property and beyond into the neighborhood.
See it filling the region in which you reside and then beyond into the country, then the whole globe and finally out into the cosmos.
8-Stay in this position as long as is comfortable.
End the exercise with a Gassho, breathing in and out, letting your mind settle into a peaceful, meditative state

7. Seishin Toitsu: Still in the Gassho position with mind and soul gathered, breath in white Reiki energy passing through your hands to your tanden. When you breathe out, imagine the energy flow out from your core and through your hands. (This is the stage where the Reiju is given to students by teachers).

8. Gokai Sansho: Gokai Sansho consists of five fundamentals for the day that are spoken out loud and repeated three times. Stay in Gassho and recite the Five Reiki Principles:

Today, I replace anger with the understanding that I am responsible for my life’s experiences
and I take responsibility for raising my vibration.

Today, I replace worry with trust and faith in the power of the universe and its ways.
I am open to the lessons of the universe as it is for my own soul’s evolution.

Today, I will be thankful, for everything that is in my life, as a thankful heart is a happy heart.
A grateful heart is a magnet of miracles.

Today, I will work diligently, come what may in my efforts to raise my vibration.
I understand that I create my vibrational reality.

Today, I will be compassionate to myself and to all beings. Feeling of oneness
of yourself with all that is in existence is true love.

9. Mokunen: Bring your hands together in prayer position at the level of your Third-eye chakra level say, “I conclude Hatsurei Ho.”
You’re done :).

I teach this technique to my Reiki Level One students and we practice for a 21 day period after they receive their Reiki Level One attunements. We sit together (virtually) once a day for five to 15 minutes focusing on the Reiki energy. It is also beneficial to do this every day; even beyond the initial 21 day period.

It is recommended to use the Gassho hand position before and after a Reiki Meditation practice.