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What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystal Healing is a technique where Crystals are put on or around your body to start the healing process. The crystals can act as a channel for healing which can help positive and healing energy flow into the body, causing negative energy to be drawn out. They are known to have been used for the prevention of disease and curing of illnesses. Because each crystal has different energies, it’s always good to know which crystal is right for you and your needs, and there may be a crystal that you are just drawn to. Crystals have long been attributed to having intense healing properties.

How are Crystals used in Reiki?

A Reiki session combined with the power of healing crystals results in an amazing healing experience. Reiki healing with a combination of crystals (“laying-on of stones”) will help the healing and energy balancing. In short, they will speed up the healing process. Crystals are used to remove toxins from the body, eliminate negativity, and magnify positive energy. Each crystal lives with its own vibration and these vibrations correspond to our different chakras depending on the crystal.


Here are the top 12 healing crystals and their healing properties.

Stimulates the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, Assists in Overcoming Addictions, Emotionally Calming, Strengthens Psychic abilities.

Lapiz lazuli
Eases Pain Particularly Migraines, Assists in Active Listening, Enhances your Ability to Contact spirit Guides.

Blue Lace Agate
Stimulates communication and expression of one’s self. Calming stone useful for nerves and depression.

Blue Turquoise
Self-acceptance and serenity promote self-realization and assists creative problem-solving.

Green Turquoise
Believed to be a powerful amulet of protection, warding off evil spirits, and bad vibes. Connects to your Higher Self.

Green Aventurine
Attract abundance, strengthens relationships, promotes mental clarity, brings good luck

Attracts luck and wealth, harmonizes emotions, and promotes inner balance, strengthens the immune system.

Manifests wealth and prosperity, Promotes Creativity and Imagination, Encourages confidence, Protects you from jealousy vibrations

Yellow calcite
Stimulates creative energy centers, releases from fear and depression, heals emotional wounds, releases lethargy

Orange carnelian
Stimulates motivation, helps to release painful memories of trauma and abuse, strengthens reproductive organs, gives vitality

Crystal of health, passion, and energy. Helps you feel grounded, secure and safe, the stone of commitment

Black Tourmaline
Protection against negativity & electromagnetic energy helps to clear, cleanse, and unlock any energy blockages within body or home.

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What is a Reiki Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals laid out in a particular sacred geometry for a specific purpose. When created and empowered with sacred intention and prayer, each crystal within the grid amplifies the qualities and energy within the entire crystal grid and helps a powerful healing session for distance healing. Reiki and crystal healing provides a wonderful, powerful healing experience but when we add sacred geometry to these crystals with the shape and color corresponding to a particular chakra the healing energy is tripled.

Crystal for Vastu Correction:
Vastu Crystals have an important role to play in our environment. Crystals and the healing energies and medicines of the Earth amplify and bring more light into our being enabling and supporting us in healing and transformation as they bring us back into our pure natural state of being.

Many vastu defects can be easily corrected with the crystal vastu remedies. Many serious vastu defects like kitchen & toilet in the north-east /south-west, entrance in the south-west, water body in south-east or south-west, higher flooring at east or north, bedroom in north-east or south-east, pillar in centre or northeast, wrong slope of roof, wrong location of staircase etc. can be rectified with proper use of natural crystals.

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