Chakra Balancing

Chakra Re-alignment – Balance, cleanse, strengthen and re-align your energy system

All our chakras generally are of different sizes and frequencies. Our chakras can be overactive, underactive or even blocked. Hence it becomes important to balance all the chakras so that they work in synchronicity with each other. The benefits derived from alignment and balancing the chakras cannot be underestimated.

Let’s say for example your upper chakras are extremely healthy and energized but your lower chakras are not, then you will still experience difficulties in different areas of your life even though your upper chakras are so extremely powerful.

Chakras are first diagnosed for which of the chakras are overactive or under active and the chakra alignment and balancing is done. It is always best to do all 7 Chakra Alignment healing.

Chakra re-alignment and balancing is Rs 1000 per session.

It is not about how strong a single chakra is or a few of our chakras are what is important is that all of them are working in harmony with each other.

General Reiki Healing for Spine and Chakras

By cleansing, balancing and re-energising the energy field (Auras and Chakras) of the body, the body can then activate its own self-healing process. Priority will be given to stabilizing your ground energy connection, this will ensure you have good strong grounding allowing the energy to flow freely and in alignment with your core energy centre and this allows your own inner ability to self heal to activate.

General Healing fee is Rs 500 per session.

Spine healing  Fee is Rs 500 per session.

Reiki healing and Distant healing is given by Reiki Master Manikandan, Call for the latest dates to fix appointments.