Reiki FAQs

Before you start learning Reiki healing, know this…in the many years of my experience in Reiki healing & training these are some common questions:

What is Reiki? Is Reiki healing good to cure my health issues?

Reiki Healing Technique, is an ancient Japanese form of healing, is based on the concept of the source of energy that exists within everyone. Practitioners of Reiki are taught to use the method for stress relief, pain management, and anxiety. Reiki is administered by the practitioner’s hands.  Reiki Therapy is either is done hands-on or beaming of the universal energy(REIKI) to locations of chakras or on organs or body parts that need energy.

Reiki is fast becoming known as one of the most powerful energy healing techniques with more and more people turning to this powerful complementary therapy for a more holistic approach to healing.

Healing health issues

According to Science of Reiki Healing, a disease or problem caused due to disturbance of the energy flow in the body. It is believed that when the energy flow gets fixed, the person automatically gets cured. To know more what’s the first step? Either getting a Reiki treatment direct healing session or doing Reiki Level One with us.

Modern Reiki Vs Traditional Reiki

Before you start learning Reiki healing, know this…Reiki has changed. Reiki was created in Japan by Great Grand Master Mikao Usui, who discovered the art of tapping into Universal energy to heal and bring inner peace and balance in humans life.

When Grand Master Hawayo Takata brought the Art of Reiki Healing to the west, most of the information and approach towards Reiki Healing Knowledge and Techniques was changed. The following are the few difference in the approach you usually see in Modern Reiki Vs Traditional Reiki.

Modern Reiki often referred to as Western-style Reiki is the most common form of Reiki. Western Reiki was introduced to the west Hawayo Takata. Takata was taught Reiki by a Japanese teacher called Dr. Chujiro Hayashi.

Traditional Reiki is a spiritual practice that is more of a lifestyle, the focus being primarily on the self. It is the path to truly understanding that we are all interconnected and that the spiritual energy is within us and all around us.

In Traditional Japanese Reiki practice, Reiki is a system of spiritual healing and self-improvement practice. It’s a system, with a set of practices, that ultimately connects the individual to higher realities and activates our own ability to become whole at all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Healing is natural.

In Western Reiki practice “healing” is the goal, in Japanese practice “healing” comes as a side effect of the practice of the system.

Mikao Usui has started his spiritual teachings in 1915, 7 years prior to receiving Reiki in Mount Kurama in 1922. This makes sense since it’s very unusual for someone to be enlightened and acquire energy like Reiki unless the person has already been practicing spirituality.

Mikao Usui’s earlier students state that, in his earlier years as a spiritual teacher, Mikao Usui was primarily teaching what we know today as Reiki precepts. No wonder Usui Sensei has made precepts the foundation of the Reiki practice after he acquired Reiki.

What I learned from my  Western Reiki teachers, the meaning and approach to percepts are completely different. Whereas in Traditional Japanese Reiki practice, precepts are the foundation of the daily practice and raising the vibration.

In Western Reiki traditions, it’s typically referred to Reiki as “channeled” that comes from outside above the head. In Traditional Japanese Reiki, the source of Reiki is not outside; it’s within us, at the center of us.

In western Reiki Reiki Symbols are used as healing tools. In Traditional Reiki Healing Symbols are used to align one’s energy to the Universal energy.

In Western Reiki practices, attunements represent levels of Reiki (Reiki 1,2,3, etc.), attunement is also perceived as the power of the Reiki Master. In Traditional Japanese Reiki, the student continuously receives Reiju( Reiki attunement), or Spiritual blessings. The student receives whatever he/she needs at that time, at the level they can absorb it. It is more for spiritual evolution.

But I’m grateful I’ve learned Reiki in Western traditions, and then had a chance to expand and deepen my knowledge with Traditional Japanese Reiki practices. There is no right or wrong way to learn and practice Reiki. Reiki is such flexible energy, it comes to you the way you are ready for it. It’s just that we should be open to possibilities and willing to take it deeper. Reiki has endless possibilities, it’s just a question of how deep we are ready to take it…. Dr Reena

Dr Reena with her intensive research in Reiki techniques has brought a blend of both Western and Traditional Japanese Reiki techniques so that mankind can evolve and be happy spiritually and materialistically. If you check the syllabus with Modern Reiki it looks almost the same but the approach here at reikicourses4u is more traditional. Many of our students who earlier attended Reiki courses from other centers would agree with this.

And most importantly the Reiki attunement styles are completely different from modern Reiki compared to Traditional Reiki. Traditional Reiki attunement has a science for each step and is designed in clearing the energy meridians and much more. Each level attunement is different and needs 21 days of assimilation time according to energy science.

If you want to learn Traditional  Reiki ,a  step-by-step course with us kindly contact us for registration for our online or regular courses.

What are the levels in Reiki Healing?

A Reiki course is not just about developing the skills of hands-on healing, Distance Healing, and Psychic healing techniques. Each course you take has the potential to be a watershed in your life: a time in which you discover deep things about yourself and take significant steps forward in your journey of self-healing. Depending on your personal readiness to release during the course, this process can involve either deep belly laughter or the shedding of many tears. For others it will be quieter, realizing the inner truth and enlightening sessions and releasing of old fears and pains and patterns that are limiting your potential and growth.

Regardless of your personal reaction, you will find the warmth, experience, and maturity of your Reiki teacher an essential ingredient in the process of healing release.

With Dr. Reena G, Ph.D. Reiki @, you will be investing your time and money in an in-person, face-to-face Reiki course with a teacher who follows clear standards. You will attain the qualification of:

Reiki Practitioner (Level-One)

Reiki Practitioner (Level-Two)

Reiki Master-Practitioner- Healer

Reiki Master-Practitioner)- Teacher

Reiki Practitioner (Level-One)

Once you have taken a first-level course in Reiki, you will hold the keys to tap into Reiki healing energy at any time you need. For many people, Reiki One is a life-changing experience, something that brings greater love, freedom, and healing to your life and to the lives of those around you. Once given, the gift stays with you for life, to do with as you please.

In Reiki level one courses you will study basic theory, including hand positions, meditations, and other techniques such that you will be confident to give full healings to yourself and others.

Like all skills, it deepens with practice, and with each successive course, you take. These skills will empower you to release trapped emotions, bringing physical healing, greater wholeness, and self-knowledge both to yourself and to those you will bless with Reiki.

Reiki Practitioner (Level-Two)

In this course, we combine knowledge of life principles and energy principles. We give the practice of sacred symbols in order to open new doorways in your healing journey.

Once you have integrated the changes that take place at Reiki One, and have a degree of confidence and skill in using the techniques, you can consider the next step. Teachers often recommend 21 days to three months as the minimum amount of time between Reiki One and Reiki Two.

We’ll show you how to further your spiritual development with Reiki Level two on the difference between distance and remote treatments. You will learn how to incorporate the Reiki Principles more deeply into your daily life, Attunement is given to developing your intuition and how to perform different Reiki meditation and healing techniques.

You will understand how to protect yourself psychically, how to identify and clear negative energies, and how to raise your vibration and keep it high. You will learn to diagnose limiting beliefs( undesired energy patterns)  in you for health problems, relationship problems and financial problems.

Reiki Master Practitioner – Healer/Teacher

Do you have a heart-felt desire to deepen your connection to Reiki?

First of all, What’s the difference between level Reiki Master Practitioner –Healer-level and Reiki Master Practitioner –Teacher-level (3a and 3b)?

Many Reiki teachers separate the master level into two parts: Master Practitioner- Healer and Master Practitioner -Teacher. These are also called level-3a (Advance Reiki Training) and level-3b (Reiki Master Teacher), respectively.

Reiki Master Practitioner- Healer

Reiki Level-3a(Master Practitioner- Healer) is a wonderful opportunity for you to develop your self-Reiki and professional Reiki practice. During this course, you are introduced to further tools that enhance your connection to Reiki.  When you use these tools in your self-Reiki practice, or in your professional Reiki practice, a more profound level of healing takes place within you and those you treat.

The Reiki Master Practitioner- Healer level also brings with it the recognition that you may want to practice Reiki professionally and make some or all of your living by offering Reiki treatments. It, therefore, offers you advice on how to set yourself up as a Reiki professional, covering practical issues such as whether to buy a Healer’s table and how to set the right price for your treatments.

We’ll show you how to further your spiritual development with Reiki. You will learn, how to develop your clairvoyance and how to perform different Reiki healing techniques. You will understand how to perform Psychic healing, Soul healing, clear patterns of past lives/ karma, and how to perform past life healing.

Healer Course teaches you how to deepen your use of intention and intuition in the practice of Reiki. You will explore advanced techniques to work with chakras setting both on yourself and others. We will give you further self-treatment techniques and explain the difference between distance and remote treatments. We will show you how to perform psychic surgery/aura cleansing and how you can use Reiki with crystals.

Reiki Master Practitioner -Teacher:

You have any plans to teach Reiki. You are most welcome to join this course, and gain the insight and skills of a Reiki Master Teacher practitioner.

The Reiki Master Teacher Course opens with an explanation as to why there are differences in the way Reiki is taught, not only across the world but from Reiki Master to Reiki Master. This course is your guide to taking the next steps in your lifelong journey to the Reiki Master Teacher level.

You’ll also learn how to prepare a course and teach others. We will delve into what it means to be a Reiki Master, showing you that it is Reiki that masters you, and not the other way around. It is during this introduction to the course that we prepare for your Reiki Master attunement.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what attunements are and how they work. You will learn the basic format of attunements and the different attunement styles, and how to perform the Hui Yin and Violet Breath. We will also guide you through preparations for the attunement ceremony for both yourself and your students.

From this advanced understanding of attunements, we take you through the attunement process at all levels and teach you, step-by-step, how to perform attunements for Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki Master Healer. We also cover crown to crown attunements and remote attunements. (Note: With Dr. Reena G,  Reiki Grand Master Course training  gives you attunement and knowledge on training Reiki Master Teacher Course and Reiki Grand Master)

We will guide you through the process of deciding when you are ready to teach – if that is something you want to do. We will show you how to put your course format together – deciding on the number of students you wish.

to teach, your delivery style and the course length. We will cover how to price your courses and guide you in the enrolment process.

The Reiki Master Teacher Course concludes by explaining how to start creating your course and course manual. We will give you sample course outlines for each Reiki level. We will show you how you can build your own

Career as Reiki healing, starting with your intent, working through any blocks you may have and learning to believe in yourself. We provide guidance on how to use different marketing strategies to market your business and give you some tips for starting or growing your Income.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what attunements are and how they work. Science behind the attunement and it’s procedure. You will learn the basic format of attunements and the different attunement styles, and how to perform the Hui Yin and Violet Breath. We will also guide you through preparations for the attunement ceremony for both yourself and your students.

From this advanced understanding of attunements, we take you through the attunement process at all levels and teach you, step-by-step, how to perform attunements for Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master. We also cover crown to crown attunements and remote attunements.

Will I get more power from the higher levels?

A common misconception is that at Reiki One you get a little power, Reiki Two more power, and Reiki Masters the most power. But how could this be true? If it were true, it would mean that the people with more time and more money would be the greatest healers. Yes, of course you evolve with each level in Reiki with knowledge and higher experience. In level two you understand and will know to use the power of mind. In Level three healer

The richest people who can fly around the world and get to Master level in all lineages of Reiki would become super-practitioners, channeling every possible healing vibration at once, while the poorest people who can only afford a single level one course would be very weak healers. This is obviously not the case.

Reiki higher levels in our center evolve you in your spiritual path with great spiritual knowledge for life and advanced healing techniques.

However, not all Reiki courses provide this degree of support. After 12 years of intensive research and efforts the courses are designed that you evolve both Spiritually and Materialistically.

What are the course fees for each level?

Reiki Courses fee is different with different Masters. They decide it according to their financial position. It also depends on the cost of conducting the Course. With Udemy and Other online Reiki Courses, it is almost free and ranges from 500 rupees and so on. But with Core Reiki Professionals the fee for Level one ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 10000 and it may increase with each level. For information contact/WhatsApp Course organizer Reiki Master Manikandan: +918098644084

For more understanding, you can check Google reviews.

What is the Difference between Direct healing session and Distance healing session?

Direct Healing session the Reiki Practitioner gives healing sessions in-person. In Distance healing session practitioner clears blockages from someone who is not physically present but in a remote place. Distance Reiki works according to an ancient principle called the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole. Invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link up to the energy field of the recipient. For appointments for distance healing contact/WhatsApp Hr Manikandan : +918098644084

Why in traditional Reiki there should be a minimum of 21 days time gap for each level? When Reiki Masters are giving in one or two days all levels?

The time period between each attunement is a minimum of twenty one days. This gives time and space for the new level of heightened awareness, evolving into deeper levels of consciousness which unfolds new energy levels. Usually the higher knowledge is transferred by a Reiki Master in energy form into the core cells of the brain and then to every cell in the body. Apparently this new energy form of heightened awareness, takes a minimum of 21 days to get assimilated or synchronized with one’s energy system.

After the attunement Reiki healing is a personal and spiritual discipline which requires consistent practice in the form of self-healing, meditating and reflecting on the Reiki principles. One has to first practice healing on self for a minimum of three weeks. A Reiki course will never be a failure provided an experienced and competent master initiates the attunement.

With us first level is for who want to know about Reiki healing science and basic techniques and it is preparation for second level and again second level is a preparation for third level. You get to understand better and feel the energy only if you do the home work of regular self-healing practice, as energy pattern diagnosing for self and others comes with practice.

Nouveau method

I have journeyed the path of spirituality and practiced energy healing for close to two decades. My experience with Reiki has been more with compassion in healing and teaching. When people seek my help in distress times, I have confronted various challenges and experiences and learning has given more insight in to this science. Adapting the best practices in Reiki, I have integrated my learning and intuitive downloads which has worked for contemporary healing. These were part of the research topic for my doctoral studies. The teachings and attunement given at are very unique and profound.

Can I learn all the levels and become a Reiki Master in under a month?

In short: Not with us! If you’re keen to become a Reiki Master as quickly as you can, then the approach taken by Dr Reena G, Reiki Grand Master , will not suit you.

If you really want to get certified to that level, then the most direct route is to take a free online Reiki Master course, and then download and print your certificate. You can do all of this within just one day for little or no money.

But ask yourself, what will you be missing by taking this ‘quick as possible, cheap as possible’ approach to learning the art of Reiki?

What are you hoping to gain by getting your Reiki Master certificate? Please think about that for more than a second before continuing to read.

If you answered “I want another certificate for my portfolio” or “I want people to call me a Reiki Master” Again free online Reiki Master courses are available on net. There are many Reiki Masters who teach Reiki all

Levels in two days or even each level in one day.

But if you are really going to walk the Way of Amazing healing techniques with Usui Reiki then it’s got to be something deeper than that, because learning Reiki is more than just learning a set of techniques.

To be more proficient in the Reiki healing techniques then it will take time and patience to develop skillfully, and guidance from someone who knows what they are doing.

Reiki is more than a set of techniques. It’s a journey of inner transformation, and this journey is going to involve encountering your inner pain. This is not something you can experience by reading a PDF or watching a video. The tears you shed will be real. No-one can tell you how long this journey is going to take, and that’s we will not tell you that you can become a Reiki Master in X amount of time. Check for our authentic Google reviews from our students.

As you are personally transformed by this journey, you will develop your ability to respond to the needs of others and facilitate them in their own paths of healing. To get to the level of teacher, this is going to involve significant time and dedication. You don’t need me to tell you that this kind of journey takes more than a year. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or hasn’t yet walked the path themselves. Many Reiki Masters who teach Modern Reiki upgrade their knowledge from Level-1 with us, and have exclaimed “Finally, I learned the real traditional powerful healing methods of Reiki!”.

So the question changes from “How quickly can I get my Reiki Master certificate?” to “How can I take the next step in my journey of healing with confidence, knowing that I will have clear and trustworthy guidance at each step?”

You can forget about the quickly because if you’re going to become a Master then you will become a Master: you don’t need to worry about when it will happen. It will, and the Universe (G-d) will make this path and its timing clear to you.

So what’s the first step? Either getting a Reiki treatment session  or doing Reiki Level One with us.

Will I get more power when I learn higher levels in Reiki?

A common misconception is that at Reiki One you get a little power, Reiki Two more power, and Reiki Masters the most power.

Yes, of course you evolve spiritually and by knowledge with higher levels of Reiki. You gain more knowledge on energy medicine and Healing techniques. But you get to understand and feel the energy( diagnosing energy patterns) only if you do the home work of regular self-healing practice.

If it getting into higher level and boosting your power were true, it would mean that the people with more time and more money would be the greatest healers. The richest people who can fly around the world and get to Master level in all lineages of Reiki would become super-practitioners, channeling every possible healing vibration at once, while the poorest people who can only afford a single level one course would be very weak healers. This is obviously not the case.

With us first level is for who want to know about Reiki healing science and basic techniques and it is preparation for second level and again second level is a preparation for third level.

Effective Reiki comes from sincere, regular practice. You can move mountains at level one if your heart is right. You don’t get more power at the higher levels, you simply learn new techniques, find new ways to connect with the energy, and create new opportunities to deepen your healing journey.

Careers in Energy Healing: Healing and Training

What You Study in Energy- Medicine Healing School? You’ll find certificate and diploma programs in holistic energy healing available through specialized healing institutes. In general, you can expect your energy healing courses to cover these topics:

  • Theory and history of energy healing
  • Anatomy, physiology and disease
  • energy exercises and practice
  • Energy bodies and flow
  • Working with special clients, including children and pregnant women
  • Advising clients on self-care practices
  • Energy-Medicine healing professionalism and code of conduct

We want to contribute to improving the world around us, both our own lives and the lives of others. It’s often not clear the best way we can work to improve the world.

Those of us training in the healing arts develop the expectation that, after our training is “finished”, we’ll start a healing practice. It works that way in other fields – take training as an accountant, then pass the CPA exam, and get an accountancy job – so following healing training one should develop a successful healing practice, right? But, consider a couple questions:

  1. Of the trained healers, how many develop successful healing practices?
  2. Or, how many trained healers have a soul-purpose to operate a successful healing practice?
  3. Or, how many healer training programs also train the healers on successful business and marketing practices?

Career Information

Trained Reiki practitioners have numerous options. Traditional healthcare workers like nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers and hospice staff often add this training to complement their patient care skills. This enhances the services they provide with alternative methods of treatment.

Independent Reiki healers can charge hourly rates for their services, and those who have achieved master healer status have additional income opportunities through their ability to teach classes. Massage therapists frequently combine Reiki with the other services they provide.

Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique, isn’t regulated and there are no licensing standards, but training can be found at some community colleges and universities throughout the country.

In order to become a Reiki master, you must take three levels of training in which each level teaches you more advanced techniques. Practitioners can earn optional licensure or join professional organizations to show their competency.

There are a range of careers in energy healing, including Reiki, acupuncture, chromo therapy, electromagnetic therapy, energy medicine, quantum touch, and therapeutic touch, among others.

Careers in energy healing like therapeutic touch, for example, involve the practitioner sweeping the palms of his hands over a patient or client’s body to sense the energy field. Facilitating the electromagnetic energy field, the practitioner is able to manipulate the energy field to open the flow of life energy and release any energy blocks to promote healing and wellbeing.

Acupuncture practice is also one of the many careers in energy healing and alternative medicine that facilitates meridians (energy channels) of the body. By carefully placing fine, hair-like needles along these energy channels, it is believed that energy blockages are removed; allowing the “Qi,” or life energy to flow freely throughout the body, improving health and promoting healing to specific body systems.

Reiki is both a spiritual and energy medicine that is used for the treatment of emotional and physical illnesses. In a Reiki healing session, the practitioner places her hands-on/ beam Reiki to the client’s body on chakras or organs; however, in these positions energy is showered for about three to five minutes to restore energy and healing to the body.

Depending on which you would like to pursue, it is important to note that as part of the greater holistic medicine practices, training in energy healing medicine can accentuate an already-established natural health or massage practice; or for the entrepreneur, providing started! Explore near you.

Together, the body, mind energy healing medicine by itself can be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Reiki healers place their hands on/ beam Reiki on the patient, Reiki healers channel energy that they believe has the intelligence to go where it’s needed. Reiki healers channel energy through themselves, re-energizing patients to start the healing process at a level deep inside them.

As a form of holistic medicine, Reiki healing can help relieve a wide range of physical, mental or emotional conditions, from broken bones to depression. And it is particularly effective for musculoskeletal problems, including stiff necks, frozen shoulders and bad knees.

Is it better for me to stay in my job or to be a healer?

Practicalities often faced by Reiki Professionals

Let’s first talk about some practicalities. Whatever you choose to do as your work to improve the world, whether or not it’s a healing practice, how do you fund your life?

How do you pay the rent or mortgage, keep food on the table, keep yourself clothed, and save up for retirement needs?

The world/society we live in is driven by a “market economy” that runs everything. Everything that can be done involves exchanges of money. Like it or not, that does apply to you who are spiritual seekers just as much as it applies to everybody else.

That’s the reality of life in this world at this time of history. Much as you might think you remember worlds that don’t run on money, this world does. When in Rome, and all that…

Many believe spiritual work must be done for free. Grand Master  Mikao Usui Reiki healing practice, which he did completely for free and for his living he worked in other jobs to run his family. That was then, and this is


In this day and age how are you going to pay the rent? How are you going to eat? And is it in your life path to live on the street? (without money you will be on the street pretty quickly)

In other words, the “spiritual work must be free” belief runs afoul of the market economy we live in.

Who’s going to give you a free place to live, free food, free clothes, and a free retirement account? That’s not how the market economy functions.

In the market economy one must know the lifestyle one wishes to live, know the cost to maintain that lifestyle, recognize the likelihood of greater medical expenses and less ability to earn income in the future, and therefore keep income high enough to cover current expenses and future possible ones.

So my humble suggestion is plan properly.

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