Reiki Psi Healing

Universal Energy or “Ki” as it is known in many cultures, is the life force that animates all life and permeates everything around us. Chinese practitioners have been working with chi energy for more than 3,000 years in martial arts, in the body, mind, and soul healing. Similarly, Chi also known as Ki in Japanese is used by Reiki Practitioners for healing purposes.

Anyone who is good at working with energy can easily create an ‘Energy Ball’ or ‘Ki Ball’ – a consciously created ball of contained Universal Energy. A Ki ball is one of the simplest and effective ways to use Reiki, because you just will or give intent to the energy that forms the Ki Ball, and that intent creates the power to change or influence. You control the energy that goes into the Ki Ball, and everything that goes into it – – color, size, intent, images. Once it is created, you can disconnect and it can stand alone ready to be sent to where you desire, be it, your own body, distant healing of another, to other people to solve issues, to make your mood better, protection, or more.

Once you are more adept you can move onto just visualising the creation of a Ki Ball. Ki Ball can be understood in an hour, learned in a week, and provides a lifetime of discovery.

The Ki Ball is one of the most simple and effective ways of sending healing energy and attunements. It is your energy that forms the Ki Ball. You control the energy that goes directly into the Ki Ball. Your intent creates the color, the size; and everything that goes into it. You send it with your breath and energy. Once the Ki Ball is created, you disconnect from the Ki Ball and it stands on its own completely energized and ready to be sent.

Ki balls are a type of construct that is created through the use of energy manipulation. Usually, it is formed in the shape of a ball and otherwise in a nay shape you desire. It can, however, be made into any shape such as a cube, pyramid, or even more intricate designs. Ki balls are tangible and on first attempt can be difficult to make. They generally serve as the foundation for most constructs.

Ki Balls are named after Reiki Psi Balls. Practice, Practice, Practice is the only way to improve making Psi Balls. Once you have successfully made a psi ball, you should start making other constructs.

In Reiki Psi Healing Course you will learn to:

  • To create and Program the Psi Ball.
  • How to create the life span of a Psi Ball.
  • Sending healing energy using Psi Ball.
  • Energizing the Space using Psi Ball.
  • Creating Psi Ball healing Grid.
  • Psi ball protective shield for a person and space.
  • Psi Ball energy support for sick people.
  • Reiki Psi Ball Psychic Healing for chronic diseases.

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