Training Variations?

Many of the enquirers have asked me – Why do some Reiki Masters offer attunements for free or nominal fees, while others price it high? Many classes are offered over a 2 day period combining Reiki I and II training in one weekend, Why the differences? 

More recently, some are offering Reiki training in half the time as most other Reiki classes, using “spiritual” language to justify these shortcuts. Training for Reiki Level- I varies from a few minutes to several weeks. It depends on the Master. The shortest Reiki Level- I initiations are generally received at festivals, mass initiations and gatherings. They usually consist of the Reiki Level- I attunement only; i.e., you receive little to no training along with the attunements.

Longer classes include training about Reiki and how to use it, as well as practice. I believe it is generally best to wait between attunements — approximately 3 weeks between Reiki I and II, and about 6 months between Reiki II and III. However, each person is an individual with different life experiences and knowledge of energy work, so I try not to make absolute rules in this matter. My Reiki Level-1 class is for 2days, 6 hours each day (12 hours long) and priced mid-range, because of two reasons, one is to keep Reiki accessible to as many people as possible (we need more, not less healing in this world); and other is to offer enough training in the use of Reiki so that the attunement is useful to the person.

My goal in Reiki training is to give students enough information and practice that they may then practice on their own, until they are ready for the next level. Longer classes require greater commitment which is generally necessary to get most students started on their healing path.

Know what is right for you. If you want to use Reiki to heal yourself and others, consider getting some training along with your attunement. I have had several students attend my classes after receiving cheap attunements and as well as costly attunements, finishing Reiki Level 1,2 & 3 in 2 days, with little training. Ask your Reiki Master what s/he includes with the attunements. Each Master teaches differently — you must choose the right Master (and amount of training) for you.

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